Sunday, March 4, 2007

The University of Minnesota, 1945-2000 by Lelmberg and Pflaum

Keeping with my Minnesota history kick, I decided to do a little reading on my favorite institution in Minnesota, the U. A number of histories of the U exist, but this is the most recently published book on the U's history--to my knowledge. The book was published in 2001 by the University of Minnesota Press and obviously has a slight bias. You could open the book, read any five pages, and think the U of M is the greatest University, ever. Fortunately, I have a similar bias (not quite as extreme) towards the U, preventing me from hating the book. The book is laid out chronologically and more or less lists the names of 1000s of people who shaped the U's history. Every once in awhile I'd encounter a familiar name because the person has since had a building named after him/her. It was fun to read some anecdotes about different Presidents and Regents, but this book probably shouldn't be read cover to cover. As I mentioned earlier, the book cites 1000s of people, one time. This served as a good way to make those 100o people and their families to buy this book.

Completed: March 3, 2007