Sunday, November 18, 2007

On Target by Rowley

As you may know, I work for Target Corporation and feel an obligation to understand the history of this company. For this and other reasons, I picked up this highly recommended book (recommended by people at Target), hoping to gain a stronger sense of the history of Target. Unfortunately, I was highly let down by this book. While delivering a decent history of the company, the book primarily served as a big advertisement for the company while primarily focusing on the company's relatively recent attempts to bring in renowned designers. However, being that I know of no other book dedicated to Target's history, my investigation into this company may be a bit more difficult than I had originally anticipated. Fortunately, this other did provide a few citations, and I have begun to collect some of her primary sources, hoping to find more insight into this company's rich history. Expect to see me talking about more books somehow connected to Target's history.

Completed mid November

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